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"Strange Symbol"

New England Review (Reprinted on Poetry Daily)

"January Refrain"

Quarterly West

"The Beyond"

The Adroit Journal

"Solstice, End of Day" and "November Spell I"

Narrative Magazine

"Reunion: Crossing the Bay Bridge to San Francisco" and "Reunion: Framingham, Massachusetts, 2008" 

The Raleigh Review

"Massachusetts Psalm"

The Iowa Review Online

"Shane (1953)" and "Dream with Perennials"

Nashville Review

"To My Sister, In Summer"

North American Review 

"Psalm for the West" and "Sunlit and Forever"

The Journal

"All Your Saints Are Still Back East"

Third Coast



"Landscape with Snow and Huddled Trees"


"Major Arcana: How My Father Got to Reno"



"My Father, Driving to the Moon"

The Missouri Review Online

"Fragments Torn from Sky"

The Missouri Review Online

"To Yorick, in the Garden"


"Photograph: Animal Cemetery in Winter, 2012"

The Cortland Review

"Photograph: Massachusetts, 1994"

Crab Orchard Review

"November Pastoral"


"After Exodus"

Michigan Quarterly Review

"Photograph: North Carolina, 2005" (Audio)

The Southern Review

"Tonight in the Desert" (Audio)

The Southern Review

"Before My Mother Moves South," "Mississippi Gamblers After Dusk," "Northern Cardinal in Winter," and "On Visiting Faulkner's Grave"

Prairie Schooner

"Ram's Head with Hollyhock, 1935"

Washington Square Review

"Abandoned Shacks in North Carolina"


"North Carolina Psalm"


"Running the Trap" and "Punk (La Vie Antérieure)"

The Adroit Journal

"Coyote Tactics"

Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review


River Styx


The Hollins Critic

"Boys Sitting outside Texaco" (Audio)

The Southern Review

"Pitcher, Game Day"


"On Easter"

The Greensboro Review

"Driving Home from Raleigh-Durham International Airport"

Cimarron Review

"My Stepbrother Shows Me"

Cold Mountain Review


Poetry East


Glass Mountain


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