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Fred's Restaurant 


Fred’s Restaurant (also known as “the dog restaurant” to any locals) has been a beacon of comfort food on the upper-west side for ages. Upon walking in, the first thing anyone will notice are the dozens (and dozens) of framed dog photos running wall-to-wall throughout the entire restaurant. And while it’s a fun gimmick, Fred’s has remained a local hotspot for its wonderful selection of American favorites—from burgers to grilled salmon, fried chicken to flatbread—and boasts some of the best customizable mac & cheese around. It’s a wonderful choice for a low-key dinner with friends or family, and don’t forget, you’re free to hang a picture of your own pup as long as there are no humans in the photo.


La Lanterna di Vittorio

Supreme Italian food? Check. Vibrant neighborhood? Check. Do-it-for-the-gram vibes? Check. Located just south of Washington Square Park, La Lanterna di Vittorio is a perfect spot for your next date night. While there’s no shortage of quality Italian restaurants in the city, one of La Lanterna’s big draws is an enclosed garden with a glass ceiling, making for an undeniably elegant atmosphere. And if the garden is full, worry not: the downstairs section is intimate, cozy, and equally romantic. It doesn’t hurt, either, that the wine list is excellent and their specialty pizza is irresistible.


Ardesia Wine Bar


Great wine pairs well with great snacks—it’s just science. In the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, Ardesia Wine Bar took this simple notion and created an entire menu around it. With a thrilling list of reds, whites, and oranges from around the globe, Ardesia is a place to get a little weird and try something new. Factor in their delicious sharables (custom charcuterie, anyone?), and you have an ideal spot for a nightcap or post-work meetup.

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